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  • Lisa Berry

My Zero Waste Closet Makeover: Part 2

After dutifully completing my self-assigned homework (such tough work it was!), one thing has become absolutely clear to me: I need more color in my life. My utilitarian, albeit highly wearable and comfy, closet has been devoid of a sense of playfulness. And as I am launching a new chapter of my life, my intention is to infuse my life with a combo of joy and ease. My closet needs to reflect that!

So, part one of my Zero Waste Closet makeover is complete: I have decided what I want my new closet to look and feel like. I want it to be the perfect medley of pieces that are soft, comfy and casual, accented with colors, patterns, fabrics and accessories that light up my soul, make me excited to get dressed in the morning, and transport me to my “happy place” (a Mediterranean seascape.)

Time for part two: get curating! This is where I do the hard, but truly enjoyable, work of weeding out what doesn’t support the vision, distinguishing the “likes” from the “loves,” and identifying what might be missing altogether. It’s time to do inventory, and I’m going to need a whole focused day for this.

Folks, listen up. I know most of us are insanely busy with work, kids, and/or just life in general. I’m a 46-year-old mom of three young kids and I cannot explain how hard it is to even get 15 minutes to play in my closet. When I do this, it feels so self-indulgent. But I’m telling you, it is totally worth scheduling a full day to take care of business. This is the whole reason for my blog: I don’t want to wasteanother 15 minutes, and then another and another, trying to find an outfit to wear or searching for that one piece I can’t find because everything in my closet is so squeezed. I want a closet that really works for me so I can get on with living my life!

We are currently on our annual family trip to Colorado, so one of my priorities when I return home is to pick a day when the kids are at camp and I have help in the evening to complete part two. I’m a big advocate of the methodology that entails taking everything out of your closet and only putting the keepers back in. I love this approach because it allows you to experience what a semi-empty and clean closet feels like. How heavenly to see space between your hangers! How amazingly satisfying to look at a closet with much less stuff!

Stay tuned for the next installment: challenges along the way and how to deal. And, quite possibly, a few pics of heavenly pieces I couldn’t resist picking up in Aspen to support my vision…


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