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  • Lisa Berry

Your Ultimate Plan for Zero Waste Nutrition

If you are anything like me (and I know LOTS of you are from our hundreds of convos!), you care about aging beautifully and healthfully, and you've got brain overload from all of the advice floating around about how to stay on top of your game. Are you Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, gluten-free, lactose-free, or all of the above depending on the day and the latest ground-breaking nutrition news and celebrity craze? Tell me, how do you feel?

Up until a couple of months ago, the answer for me was "frustrated and confused!" I've been lucky to never really struggle with my weight, but I have definitely grappled with emotional eating, leading to poor choices in food and drink that resulted in regular sluggishness and probably not the best version of my aging self. I've known for a long time that I could do "better," but have felt completely overwhelmed by the variety of advice about what "better" actually means. The end result? Way too much wasted time, energy and money on different things to put into my body that haven't really produced the vibrancy I've felt was missing.

That is, until a few months ago! Having just returned from a gluttonous 2-week spring break, I confided in a friend that consecutive mornings of breakfast buffets and evenings of bottomless glasses of wine had left me feeling completely toxic. Something had to change and I was wondering what "diet" plan I should return to so that I could at least temporarily remedy feeling so gross.

Enter, finally, a life-changing nutritional plan that offers a full-body cellular cleanse and an easy way to help ensure healthy aging and nutrition going forward. I urge you to keep reading if any of this is resonating with you because, thanks to my friend's sharing, I have found something that is so satisfying, so energizing and so health-enhancing, that I feel like I can finally stop my time-wasting search for the magic-bullet diet! This is NOT a diet, it is a way of life that integrates beautifully with a variety of nutritionally-sound eating plans, and can be used at any time to support healthy weight loss, as well as muscle-building and healthy aging.

Isagenix offers a fabulous variety of products that range from a highly-effective 30-day weight-loss system, to nutritional support for athletes, to cleanse-support products, to essential oils and vitamins that optimize sleep, aging and metabolic functioning. The company has been in existence for 17 years and the effectiveness and safety of its products are supported by extensive independent research. I cannot emphasize how important this is to me! Despite the awesome claims, I did not begin without first getting assurances from several physicians. One shared with me that she recommends a handful of Isagenix products to almost all of her patients as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to find out whether I'm on to something that could change your life? Try it!!! You can start with the 30-day Weight Loss Value Pak, the 9-Day Deep Cleansing System, the Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System, the Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle (my husband's choice), the delicious Lemon Passion Crunch Isalean Bars (my fave,) the Chocolate Mint Isalean Shake, the Sports Performance Pak, and/or a number of other great products depending on your goals. I love that the system is so customizable to your individual needs.

This is where you and I connect! I'm excited to hear about your intentions when it comes to your weight, energy, aging, etc., and come up with a plan custom-made just for you. If you get started and, like me, find yourself absolutely in love with your new lifestyle, then we can also chat about the fabulous rewards associated with starting your own Isagenix business. So many people choose to go this route because their friends and family can't help noticing the amazing changes in them and want to get started themselves. Now you have not only a healthy, vibrant body, but a thrilling source of residual income and the joy of knowing that you are helping to improve the lives and health of those you love.

Please take a moment to check out the below introductory video from Isagenix. And, most importantly, take 10 seconds to send me an email at We will set up a time to chat on the phone, in person or via text or email, and we'll get you going on your new Zero Waste approach to nutrition!

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